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The WannaCry Ransomware Attack. What You Need to Know

Last Friday 12 May 2017, a large-scale ransomware attack affected hundreds of thousands of computers across the globe. Aptly named ‘WannaCry’, it has caused widespread disruption to many organisations, including Nissan, FedEx and the UK’s National Health Service. According to Europol, the attack was unprecedented in scale. Keep reading to find out what you need […]

Two-Minute Guide to the Benefits of Virtualisation

Most of our customers make extensive use of VMware virtualisation technologies to improve the reliability of their networks and reduce costs. For those who may not be familiar with virtualisation, we’ve prepared this brief guide to virtualisation and its 8 most important benefits.

Halsion Appointed as Timor-Leste’s Only VMware Professional Solution Provider

On 4 April 2017, VMware upgraded Halsion’s partnership status to VMware Professional Solution Provider. The upgraded status reflects Halsion’s proven expertise in designing and implementing VMware virtualisation solutions. Halsion is the only IT service provider in Timor-Leste to have achieved VMware Professional Solution Provider partnership status. VMware virtualisation technologies enable us to design mission-critical IT […]

Are Macs Really Safe from Viruses?

Apple Macs are a wildly popular computer, and to many owners the Mac is almost a member of the family. Although we’re a Microsoft Partner, we “get” the Mac thing. They’re nicely built, fun to use, and they’re pretty reliable.