Improve Internet access speed and reduce costs

Although it is improving, Internet access in Timor-Leste is still very slow and expensive. This is mostly because of the country’s heavy dependence upon satellite telecommunications links, which are much more expensive than undersea fibre optic cables.

As a guide, a 2Mb/s unmetered connection in Timor-Leste typically costs about USD 1500 per month, compared to less than USD 100 per month for a much faster connection in most developed countries.

Fortunately there is technology available that allows you to “get more for less” from your Internet connection.

What most telecommunications suppliers don’t want you to know

Internet service providers make much more profit from faster Internet connections. So naturally they want to sell you the widest possible “pipe”. Helping you to make better use of a slower connection reduces their profit, which is the last thing they want.

Benefits of our solution

  • You will achieve vastly superior Internet access performance on a slow Internet connection.
  • Significantly reduce your Internet access costs while boosting productivity.
  • We are completely unbiased. We are not an Internet access supplier. We do not endorse any Internet access supplier over another. Our only interest is in helping you to improve your productivity and reduce your costs. And the cost savings can be massive.
  • Our solution works with any Internet service provider.

How it works

Our solution can:

  • Massively improve the speed of your Internet connection for the same price.
  • Prevent or restrict access to non work-related websites such as Facebook, YouTube and other leisure sites, based on a policy that you define.
  • Block inappropriate content such as pornographic, file-sharing and gambling websites.
  • Give priority to certain types of Internet traffic such as voice calls (VoIP, Skype etc).
  • Prevent automatic software updates from taking place during working hours. (Microsoft’s “Patch Tuesday” updates, which occur on the third Tuesday of every month, can tie up your Internet connection for several days.)
  • Reduce Internet usage by downloading software updates once and distributing them to all computers on your network that need them, instead of downloading separately for each computer.
  • Help you to benefit from off-peak discounted (or free) download periods by scheduling heavy downloads, such as software updates, for those times.
  • Block access to malicious websites and reduce the risk of malware entering your network.
  • Increase Internet availability by spreading traffic across multiple links if you have more than one Internet access provider.

We can help you to obtain superior value from your Internet connection. For more information, please contact us.