Finding the best IT staff starts with the right advice

Many of our customers have discovered great value and convenience in having us manage their entire IT infrastructure for them. Other organisations prefer to directly employ their own IT staff. But how do you confidently select the right person for the job when you’re not an IT expert yourself? This is where our specialist recruitment and staffing services can help.

  • Knowing what to look for

    Job descriptions for IT staff aren’t generic. Every organisation uses different technologies, and they use technology differently. Therefore the role, responsibilities and required skills are unique to your business.

    Our starting point is to understand your organisation, the systems you have in place, and what you’re expecting to achieve. We will then customise a job description and selection criteria to ensure success in selecting the right person.

  • We attract the brightest local candidates

    Because of our reputation as Timor-Leste’s leading supplier of specialist high-level technology services, we attract good quality people. Since our inception in 2012, we have received and registered a vast number of local prospective candidates. We maintain regular contact with registered candidates.

  • Timor-Leste’s only comprehensive database of IT talent

    We maintain the only comprehensive database of local IT talent in Timor-Leste. We also actively recruit in places where the best candidates are most likely to be found.

  • Testing, testing...

    We have carefully designed our technical interview structure to provide the best results for the local environment. But even a well structured interview can provide only a partial view of a candidate’s suitability for a role. We comprehensively test and score all shortlisted candidates against the selection criteria to gain insights into their understanding. We then use both the interview results and test scores to build a final shortlist that you can use for your own interviews and final selection.

  • Our candidates are background checked

    We perform extensive background checks, including previous employment history and a search of criminal records with the Ministry of Justice, on your final candidate.

  • Performance measurement

    We can design a performance measurement scorecard to help you to track employee performance and skill development. This will also help you to identify areas in which further training and mentoring may be helpful.

  • Post-placement mentoring and support

    Local IT staff in Timor-Leste often miss out on the opportunity to succeed because of a lack of organised professional development in the workplace. Many organisations simply don’t have the necessary local technical capabilities to provide the guidance and mentoring that their IT staff so desperately need.

    Our post-placement professional development programmes help your staff to build skills that are relevant to your organisation’s needs. Read more.

How our service compares

FeatureOur ServiceOther Employment Agency
Customised job description and selection criteria tailored specifically for your organisationYesNo
Comprehensive database of local talentYesNo
Technical interviews conducted by IT expertsYesNo
Rigorous testing and scoring of applicantsYesNo
Extensive background checksYesNo
Final shortlist of appropriately qualified candidates for you to considerYesNo
Post-placement mentoring and professional developmentYesNo
SummaryFull service covering all stages of the recruitment cycle, with post-placement professional development and supportGenerally limited to forwarding CVs that mention IT

Your next step

If you are an employer, please contact us to find out more about how we can help you with the recruitment, management and professional development of your IT staff.

If you are a Timorese IT professional looking for your next job, please register with us to get started.